Trump vs Desert Battle of US Republicans

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US Presidential Elections 2016

Trump vs Desert Battle of US Republicans

Washington – As Donald Trump comes into its private club in Palm Beach on Tuesday before his followers, he strives honestly. Trying as a statesman to act is to look at him.

A bridge builder he wanted to be, says precisely the splitter. The party of the US Republicans must be united again, explains the 69-year-old after winning election Tuesday.

The Trump unusually quiet speech comes as usual an hour late, but it is short, only a few minutes it lasts. Trump does not have time, he has to go count. The 69-year-old has just retracted historic victory yet: the race is for him on a knife, his candidacy has become a campaign battle and will remain as things for a while. It is from now no longer a question of whether Trump the strongest candidate of his party, but from what distance it pulls on the party in July.

Trump has probably won four of five elections on Tuesday, his leadership more than doubled the delegates. It is his goal come a big step closer. Trump won the protest mood in many parts of the US population skillfully, he was virtually “a giant middle finger”, as expressed by a party functionary. The arithmetic of the nomination procedure but wants it: Trump is still long way to go.

The soft alternate end Tuesday allowed the deeply torn the Republican Party after the elections in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina still jagged back, when she already was. As it stands, the party is heading for a crucial vote at the nominating convention in Cleveland. Commentators called it on Tuesday “a potential bloodbath”.

While Hillary Clinton with at least four victories continued marching straight for the Democrats on Tuesday of five States towards candidacy, it is ablaze with the Republicans. The battle rages between two camps: Donald Trump and anti-Donald-Trump. In Ohio even Democrats should have gone choose among the Republicans, just to prevent Trump. Ohio moved to Trump the emergency brake – but if the train stops, is uncertain.

The New Yorker wants exactly prevent this camp fight. He tried to get backing from the intra-party opponents – by the establishment to which he hacked in recent months nonstop. He talked to Paul Ryan, the powerful Speaker of Parliament in the House and with Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the Senate Republicans. It should support the attempt to make peace in an election campaign, which has become the “civil war” within the Grand Old Party.

Perhaps Trump has declared war but previously performed itself too violent for a peaceful solution. Scenes of violence at rallies, police investigations against Trump, Fremdschämen in large parts of America and abroad. “The impact that his candidacy and will continue to have on the Republicans and the political system in the United States is significant,” says Jacob Parakilas, America expert at the London think tank Chatham House. Visibility: catastrophic.

The victory of John Kasich in his home state of Ohio has influenced the mathematics of the nomination, although Trump was clearing all 99 delegates in his knockout victory in Florida and his opponent Marco Rubio incapacitating threw in the towel.

Trump needs in the remaining primaries calculated between 50 and 60 percent of the delegates to get to the magic number of 1237, the absolute majority at the party conference in Cleveland. So far he has not 50 percent.The increase is possible but far from certain.

If he does, at least in the vicinity of 1237 delegates, it will have his party enemies hard if they want to risk a popular uprising of the little prissy Trump supporters. “If you take me the nomination, there are riots,” Trump said on Wednesday itself. The more he stays away from 1237, the more likely is a coup against him. Even a fight candidacy of Paul Ryan or a rebirth of stepped out Jeb Bush are discussed. As surely applies: The grueling race among Republicans goes on until June, no one for all and all against each.

Ohio-winner John Kasich, who did not even mathematically has a chance at a majority, speculated exactly such a scenario when he says: “I am the one who has the best chance against Hillary Clinton.” Allan Lichtman, a professor at the Amercian University in Washington, it makes it clear: “Kasich was, and really just a chance. A crucial vote, when it comes to horse-trading and he suddenly stands as the most appropriate candidate against Clinton”

For the Democrats, the question arises how long Hillary Clinton’s adversaries Bernie Sanders still can hold – and wants. he has little chance of Mathematics after the loss of Ohio and Illinois on Tuesday. “We do not believe that Senator Sanders can still win,” said Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri. But this has repeatedly announced its intention to lead his “political revolution” to end. Sanders has gathered from his followers so much money in small donations that his financial breathing could easily extend to the Congress.

According to experts, harm the senator well above all among young people, but his party. “Bernie Sanders is the best friend, the Republicans have ever had,” said Allan Lichtman. Donald Trump, say at least so far all the polls, Hillary Clinton can not be beat in the presidential election. “That can only Bernie Sanders,” says Lichtman.

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