As Strange as the Wall Street

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US Presidential Elections 2016

As Strange as the Wall Street

It took a while until Hillary Clinton could shake their rivals Bernie Sanders, but now it seems to have succeeded. Five primaries took place on Tuesday in at least four states won Clinton, in some cases very significantly.Especially their success in Ohio was important: Ohio is one of the economically depressed states in “Rust Belt” that American industrial region in the Midwest, in the former steelworks and factories brought jobs and modest prosperity, but now rusting in front of him. A few days ago Sanders Clinton had surprisingly beaten in a similar state, in Michigan. This had allowed flare doubt on Clinton’s candidacy again. Can Clinton – wife, millionaire friend of free trade – reach the battered, frustrated, white working class? Clinton’s victory in Ohio with 56percent had an answer.

Sanders will therefore not give up. The senator from Vermont has many loyal supporters and donors. Yet the electoral arithmetic leaves him virtually no chance the Clinton presidential campaign of Democrat nor take away. 4763delegates will vote at the nominating convention in July about the candidate. To win, are 2382 votes needed. Clinton has now gathered together more than half of this amount in the primaries – it can with 1561 expected delegates. Sanders, however, has only 800 delegates behind. This is a distance he almost can not catch up in the remaining primaries, Clinton provided or does not make them anything happens to a dramatic political failure.

However, the “Sanders-problem” that Clinton has so stubbornly plagued less a person than a political orientation. Sanders represents the part of the Democrats, of a significantly more left policies wished by President Barack Obama – more social programs, tax increases for the rich, no new FTAs, tougher action against the banks. see these voters in Clinton just another opportunistic, greedy establishment politician. With no allegation Sanders could hit just as the she had take money from Wall Street for half-hour speeches six-figure fees during the election campaign Clinton.

The heroine of the left wing of the party was until a few months actually Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts. Since this but despite numerous request did not want to compete against Clinton, their followers gathered around the self-styled “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders and gave him some amazing code wins.

A substantial part of the party fremdelt with her, Clinton will have to deal with this problem, even if it has beaten Sanders.One possibility would be to make a representative of the Left for running mate -. though most likely not even Sanders That would be an outlandish Duo. However, Clinton is likely to be someone useful in the election campaign on the Vice-post which the Latinos particularly responsive, for example. Any kind of consolation prize but the party left get well in the coming months.

The smaller Sanders is in the rear view mirror, the more you can focus on Clinton in front of her battle with the Republican candidate. If the current polls, they would do the easiest to Donald Trump. In survey mean the website Real Clear Politics it is with 47.3 to 41 percent of real estate entrepreneurs from New York. This is quite a comfortable lead. In addition, the electoral system structurally preferred the Democrats, since they with more victories can expect in key states due to the demographics.


Nevertheless, it will be Clinton can not afford to do without left votes. The show other surveys: In direct comparison with Ted Cruz Republican leads before Clinton with 46.2 to 45.4 percent. Also the duel with Marco Rubio, who has now been abandoned but would, according to the surveys with Clinton 44 to 48 lose percent. An interesting side aspect is that Sanders would beat loudly these surveys every three Republicans, Trump and Cruz even with about ten percentage points distance.

Left positions are therefore asking the electorate. Nevertheless, there are – according to the current state and considering the polls – apparently a majority of voters who would be willing to take Clinton to adopt a conservative Republican president. Trump will make every effort to obtain this majority completely for at the polls; if that succeeds, is open. But Clinton is in turn must try to mobilize every single Democrat.

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