Steeplechase to EU Turkey Deal

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Steeplechase to EU Turkey Deal

Eight times. Eight times, the leaders of the European Union since April 2015 trying to summits and special peaks to obtain the refugee crisis under control.At peak number six, in December 2015 , sought consolation Chancellor Angela Merkel in the exponential curve. The start yes “very, very slow” and then climb steeply. If it does now? Bring peak number nine decisive progress? It depends on a lot of it, for Europe and for Merkel.

“We need to show that solidarity is not just a word, but something for which the Europeans are capable of,” appealed the Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, on Wednesday. In the center of the summit, however, is less intra-European solidarity as the decisive run by Merkel deal with Turkey. He is since the EU-Turkey summit last week on the table and provides the core that Turkey new Greek Islands incoming refugees withdraws and can send legally in the EU in return Syrian refugees. This will lay the smugglers the craft.

If everything goes according to plan, agree the leaders of the deal on Thursday at dinner in order then to seal it on Friday at breakfast with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. “There are still difficulties ahead,” warned a senior EU official – what is an understatement. First there is the question of whether all EU countries are ready to provide the information required by Ankara consideration. A controversial issue is the visa-free regime. Turkey wants to speed up the negotiations and quickly all 72 meeting provided by the EU conditions, so that the visa-free regime already is the end of June. Under the premise that there is no discount, want to engage themselves particularly skeptical Frenchmen it.

As explosive the Cyprus issue could prove. The island republic could block against the opening of further chapters in the accession negotiations with Turkey. European Council President Donald Tusk traveled on Tuesday to Nicosia to bring the Cypriots on board. Never talks on reunification with the Turkish part of the country to be at risk, rather the negotiations on the EU-Turkey deal also reunification bring forward now ideally. If it goes wrong, the opposite could happen.

Most dangerous but are probably the pitfalls in the deal itself. After all, to refugees who might be entitled to protection, be brought back to Turkey. How will prevent the deal collapses after the first Eilanordnung a European court as early as Monday the EU? “The goal is not to keep all immigrants from Europe,” says Timmermans, “but take away the irregular elements.” The current model, of which only the smugglers have benefited, must be completed. Needy should therefore continue to receive protection, but just once not in the EU but temporarily in Turkey.

This purpose is to serve first the one-to-one mechanism. Refugees still arrive in Greece are registered, their application for asylum is accepted. Who is not entitled to protection, must return. This is where the EU’s Asylum Procedures Directive. It opens in Article 38 the way, the application of refugees then dismissed when they have come from a “safe third country” in the EU. As such, Greece is Turkey recognize now, they should therefore be sent back there.

Even with protection status, or about the Syrians, the provisions of Article 38;would alternatively, if the person concerned had asked for protection in Turkey, Article 35 apply, where it comes to the concept of “first country of asylum” in which the applicant was already recognized as a refugee. This requires in any event that refugees in Greece are interviewed individually by their circumstances and that they can call a court of appeal before one can deport them.

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