Merkel Wants More Money For Turkey in the Refugee Crisis

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Merkel wants more money for Turkey in the refugee crisis

An EU candidate country “not on my agenda,” but, Merkel said in a government statement on the Brussels EU-Turkey summit this Thursday and Friday. Even for those required by Ankara visa facilitation there conditions, Merkel stressed in the Bundestag. The opposition warned against excessive concessions to Turkey.

The refugee pact is not yet in the bag before the crucial summit. “There is still much work to do,” said EU summit Minister Donald Tusk in the evening in Brussels.

According to the latest draft of the Declaration, which will be released after a meeting of leaders of the EU countries with the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Friday, Tusk wants to reconcile with Turkey, the uncontrolled influx of migrants to the EU fully stop. “The EU and Turkey have decided today to stop irregular migration from Turkey to the EU”, says the document, which was the German Press Agency.

Against the agreement with Ankara to curb the influx of refugees to Europe, there was until recently expressed grave concerns, including legal ones. The EU wants to ensure however, that the planned repatriation of migrants who illegally translating from Turkey to the Greek Aegean Islands, European asylum rules and international commitments are respected.

“Let me be clear: There can be no lump-repatriations,” said EU Commission vice chairman Frans Timmermans. “The case of each person seeking international protection, to be checked for itself,” he said.

Merkel said that the desire for more money Ankara had “completely understandable.” The EU is also willing to. What matters is that the money actually flowed into meaningful projects for refugees, about housing, schools and medical care. Turkey’s achievements in supporting now 2.7 million refugees could be “not valued high enough.”

The draft EU-Turkey Declaration stipulates that the EU agreed to decide by the end of 2018 on additional financial assistance of up to three billion euros.The money is therefore then flow when the promised already last November three billion euros have been used for the care of refugees in Turkey.

An in-depth cooperation with Ankara was always a matter of give and take, Merkel said. “It therefore goes without saying that we contribute decisively towards Turkey our belief as to safeguard the freedom of the press and for dealing with the Kurds.”

The Chancellor also ties visa facilitation for Turkish citizens, as it now wants to enforce before the summer Ankara, continues to conditions. “There is still much to resolve. And we will ensure that these conditions are fully complied with.” According to diplomats Ankara has so far met only half the requirements for the visa-free regime.

At the summit, the 28 EU leaders will discuss among themselves on Thursday initially. On Friday, the top-level meeting with Davutoglu is then planned. Then the packet is to be finally agreed. Chancellor Merkel and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had the EU-Turkey summit earlier this month for hours taken at the edge with Davutoglu – and thus ensured amazement and anger among EU leaders.

The EU-Turkey summit signaled that the EU wants to take for each Syrians who returns to Turkey, a Syrian legally. “That can not be a permanent commitment from the EU,” said an EU diplomat on this procedure. The so-called one-to-one system should be replaced at a later, has not exactly specified time by a resettlement on a voluntary basis.

As required by the proposed agreement would be transferred almost all refugees who translate the Greek islands, will be sent back to Turkey.Migrants, for Turkey no so-called “safe third country” is, could remain in the EU, said EU experts. But they would have in Greece fight back against their expulsion and to be heard – it would be conceivable, for example, when Syrian Kurds.

In Greece alone more than a million refugees arrived by way of the Mediterranean since the beginning of 2015 – the findings of a updated data collection UNHCR. Accordingly, last year 856 reached 723 refugees from the Greek islands, especially from Turkey. Since the beginning of 2016 came to 15 March another 143,634 people fleeing first to Greece.

The Greek Migration Minister Ioannis Mouzalas warned in the European Parliament of a humanitarian crisis in his country. About 50 000 people were stranded due to the closed Balkan route in Greece. Diplomats said it must be prevented that Greece will become a huge refugee camp.

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