Would The Lion Donald Trump Be a Peacock

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US Presidential Elections 2016

Would The Lion Donald Trump Be a Peacock

Until the US presidential elections in November may happen much. Yet Hillary Clinton will probably be the candidate of the Democrats. If your rival candidate actually Donald Trump say the probability is relatively large that Clinton can write at least in one sense history: you would probably win the first woman to the highest office in the United States.

Trump has come frighteningly far at Republicans and supporters of this party.The recent series of primaries with Florida at the top has the extremists Trump gives further impetus. The description of “extremist” is true because a politician performer who wishes to torture the enemies of America and referred to immigrants from Mexico collectively as rapists, not moved within the consensus of democratic speech and response.

America is more colorful and more rational than the majority of Trumpisten

Perhaps the Republicans have prevented their own efforts that Trump competes on their behalf. However this is not certain. The once great, rational conservative Republican Party with their father figure Abraham Lincoln is facing in the past twenty years to an inwardly directed against the supposed Monster Washington right-wing populist movement mutates.

That is why Donald Trump also such a thing as the logical result of all the years in which people like Newt Gingrich and Donald Rumsfeld, Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan have given the new, aggressive, rather fundamentalist Republican Party face and voice.

As a political type Trump is by no means unique. The know-it-billionaire who wants to lead the state as his company and thereby sometimes behaves as if it were a proletarian king, immersed in personalized election system of USA on repeatedly. Before Trump there was Ross Perot, who in 1992 as an independent candidate Bush sr. made life difficult. Even so different people like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michael Bloomberg are under the slogan “I am not a politician and can therefore better” elected to high office.


Trump combines not only the aggressive otherness, missionary vanity and wealth, which is essential in the US election system for the career of a supposedly independent. He has also his attempt to bats to the White House, launched in a time in which a relatively large minority in the US, and possibly the majority in the Republican Party not to reason and debate, but after a pathetic Hau-it-nationalism thirsts.

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