The Last Desperate Hope of Moderate Republicans

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US Presidential Elections 2016

The Last Desperate Hope of Moderate Republicans

Party election conferences in the US recall infomercials: There is non-stop talking and touted, everything is staged meticulously, and everyone knows exactly how it will end. At the end of the week says the candidate for the White House, but the thing is, since the beginning of the week. At the party the Republicans four years ago in Tampa this Mitt Romney was. As one of his life performances given was that he had built up a large market chain, envelopes and paper clips sold. The only one who fell out of the frame was Clint Eastwood: minutes he moaned to an empty chair, which was wonderfully quirky, yet its congress directors, however sustainably disturbed.

When Covenant of Republicans in mid-July in Cleveland now, it could happen that you do not know on Monday, who holds the candidate speech on Thursday.Anyway, hope that those moderates who want to prevent the offender-in-Chief Donald Trump. These forces have Trump initially blank lie and curse for months, collapse in the belief that he would by itself. Instead collapsed its rival candidate Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Trump wins meanwhile a delay after another, nothing seems to challenge him, not even his campaigning, the long look like the spanking show of Jerry Springer.

After the first round many delegates are no longer bound to the will of voters

Since Tuesday, rest the last hopes, Trump still get rid of only to Cleveland. There elect delegates from all states the candidate with an absolute majority, ie at least 1237 votes. The simulation games against Trump start with the premise that it does not reach this absolute majority. That sounds weird because Trump has indeed not won in more states than any other rival.

However, many delegates he escaped because they were distributed in the first primaries in proportion to a number of candidates and because Trump has just lost in several states, such as Texas against the Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz or in Ohio against the moderate governor John Kasich. It may be that Trump is missing after the last major delay in June in California about a hundred or a few dozen delegates.

In July now be in the sports arena of Cleveland, where else the basketball star LeBron James plays the almost 2,500 voting delegates. In the first round they are bound to the vote of the selection: those, for example, traveling from Florida, where Trump won all delegates must vote for Trump. Achieved Trump now not an absolute majority, followed by the next ballot.

From this second round, the delegates are some countries no longer bound to the will of voters, so they can switch to another candidate. Finds Also in the second round no absolute majority, followed by the third round, in the then 80percent of the delegates are allowed to vote as they see fit.

On the basketball court, a game will start, in the spokesman, Strippenzieher and whisperers try to identify a consensus candidate. This is brokered convention , called a congress at which the result “negotiated” is. On the Republican side that is since 1948 not happened in the Democrats since 1952nd

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