Just do not Talk About the Details

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Just do not Talk About the Details

Angela Merkel has made it a rule, deep not to leave the building of the European Council during the night without press. The Chancellor has bad experiences with it, to leave between two peak days other interpretative authority on the state of negotiations.

It is half an hour after midnight when Merkel So sit back in the German press room, and yet much is different this time. “To this end,” she says as she begins to talk about the EU-Turkey deal, “I can give you only an interim report, because we have discussed today quasi the essential elements.”

There is not much to explain, and Merkel claimed, for the moment, not even the sovereign. Merkel wants only one thing: that nothing goes wrong in the next few hours.

Therefore it says almost nothing about details. “Of course, provides the offer of Turkey to end the irregular migration in that we then send back the refugees back from the Greek islands to Turkey, a great way to smugglers and traffickers to put a stop to,” she says.

Merkel remains generally. In the morning is EU Council President Donald Tusk, flanked by President Jean-Claude Juncker and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu serve for breakfast, what the EU intends to offer to return. Until then silence will be gold.

“No question of Business”

To eight fifty rolls Davutoglu sedan before the Council building. “Here we are back in Brussels to a new peak,” pipes the Prime Minister. “For us, Turkey, the refugee issue is not the question of a business, but a question of values, humanitarian values ​​and European values.”

The EU and Turkey have “the same goal of helping Syrian refugees in particular,” said the Turk. And he spread optimism. “I’m sure I hope we reach our goal to help all refugees, as well as to deepen the relations between the EU and Turkey, which is good news for our continent and humanity as a whole.”

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