Hillary Clinton and Monsanto

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Hillary Clinton and Monsanto

Clinton is not or was not  a member of Monsanto’s board of directors.

Company About enterprise | of Monsanto (Monsanto) – an international company , a world leader in plant biotechnology. The main products – genetically modified seed corn , soybeans , cotton , and the most common in the world of the herbicide ” Roundup”.

Founded by John Francis  ( Eng.  The John Francis ) in 1901 as a purely chemical company “Monsanto” has since evolved into a group of companies specializing in high technology in the field of agriculture. The key point in this transformation began in 1996 , when the “Monsanto”, released on the first market of genetically modified crops: transgenic soybean with a new feature of “Roundup Redi» (Roundup Ready, RR) and cotton ” (Boll gard), resistant to insects. The company is actively engaged in lobbying the US government, spending millions of dollars annually . For example, in the late 1980s – early 1990s, she lobbied in the US Department of Agriculture to apply for food genetically modified foods, the same regulatory rules, which acted for the new varieties obtained by classical breeding . The success of these and the ensuing similar products in the US agricultural market to encourage companies to shift from the traditional chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the production of new seed varieties.

Roundup – brand herbicide called glyphosate , which was invented by “Monsanto” and released to the market in the early 1970s.

In March 2005, “Monsanto” has acquired the largest seed company Seminis , specializing in the production of seeds of vegetables and fruit, swallowed 50 companies in 2007-2008 – seed producers around the world, and then was subjected to harsh criticism from society. Society and media companies charged with bio piracy and endangering the biodiversity of the planet

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