Hillary Clinton Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton Accomplishments. Here we have Hillary Clinton Accomplishments for you on US Presidential Election 2016. We have the latest updates about Hillary Clinton Accomplishments. See more updates about Hillary Clinton on this US Elections. You can find more Information about US Presidential Election 2016 here electionsupdate.com


Hillary Clinton Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton Accomplishments are followings

She Fight for children and families for 40+ years

she provided millions of children health and care

She helped many people in 9/11 incident

she taught the us about the females rights by putting her self as an example

she stand up for the rights of LGBT

she help the many military families    

After the election of Bill Clinton as President of the United States, the family moved in January 1993 to the White House one. You wanted to be a minister of justice; since 1967 but no government official in Washington may employ a family member as a direct subordinates – not even the President. 

In the same year she took over the chairmanship of the Task Force of National Health Care Reform to on behalf of the government to reform the health system to lead the way. The proposals drawn up by the Task Force were rejected. However, she had been instrumental in that in 1997 a national health program for children of uninsured parents, the “State Children’s Health Insurance Program” (SCHIP) was introduced.  SCHIP improved the situation of 6.6 million children of so-called “working poor “, the poor, despite job.

Hillary Rodham Clinton sat for worldwide respect for women – and human rights a. In addition, she is involved in child protection . In 1996 she gave a widely noted speech on this subject before the General Conference of the United Methodist Church.

In the second term of her husband dominated the media, the Lewinsky affair , an extramarital relationship Bill Clinton to his intern, in a (Failed)impeachment led against him. Hillary Clinton remarked later publicly to in her autobiography Living History . This appeared in 2003, shortly before the autobiography of her husband and was sold over 3.2 million copies a bestseller, as well as Bill Clinton’s My Life.

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