Germany Depends on a Duel Clinton Trump

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US Presidential Elections 2016

Germany Depends on a Duel Clinton Trump

Berlin  – It is not so long ago, the experts were also in Berlin agree Donald Trump as the official Republican presidential candidate or even as president of the United States?

For anyone who thought he had halfway idea of ​​American politics, an impossibility. Today, after another Super Tuesday with new successes for the real estate billionaire, things look different.

German policy is slowly on a, that the decision on the 45th President of the United States on November 8 between Hillary Clinton and Trump will fall.And includes now also no longer that of the man with the giant ego could actually win the election. A particularly pleasant thought is not.

The former Green leader Jürgen Trittin, now traveling in foreign policy, warned on Wednesday: “The danger that Trump moves into the White House, is more real for international cooperation, the dramatic consequences His mix of isolationist tendencies and aggressive tones would.. would be a heavy burden. “

Or so one sees the Bundestag with the other parties. In the assessment of the US election campaign one is just amazing agreed in Berlin. The chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Norbert Röttgen (CDU), spoke of Trump triumph “highly concerned”. “The means by which he acquires majorities are creating fear, anger and hate.”

The Federal Government considers itself from the US election campaign officially out – as is customary among partner countries. But who Angela Merkel would rather see as the successor to Barack Obama, is clear: Hillary Clinton. The former first lady, who will no longer take their four or five-fold victory in the primaries on Tuesday probably the candidacy for the Democrats, is deemed reliable . Everyone knows everyone.

Merkel and Clinton may well together – even if the Chancellor has no means forgotten how cold she caught eliminate the effects of US Secretary of State in the spring 2011th At the time, Clinton made sure that the US finally took part in the military operation against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.Germany stood by its abstention in the UN Security Council as reasonably alone.

Trump however, belongs to the kind of people with which Merkel can start little. Too cocky, too little thought and also evil in his criticism of the German refugee policy. Nevertheless, the 69-year old would get an appointment at the Federal Chancellery, when he arrived in the summer as the official Republican candidate to Germany – from diplomatic prudence, but also to find out more about the man in experience.

Because currently there is speculation in Berlin nor how under a President Trump, the US foreign policy might look like. In the foreign service has now even bothered to compare the considerations of the different candidates together. At Trump, there are some contradictions and many ambiguities.Röttgen said: “Trump as an American President would for the world a foreign policy surprise package.”

Still, there is in Berlin, but some hope that still communicate the Republicans on their nominating convention in July to another candidate – most probably Ohio Governor John Kasich, who just won his home state of Ohio against Trump. But above all, is given to the fact that on November 8, after all the favorite Clinton will prevail.

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