German Stock Exchange and London’s LSE Accelerate Merger Plans

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German Stock Exchange and London’s LSE Accelerate Merger Plans

London (dpa) – German Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange (LSE) press at their proposed merger up a gear. Three weeks after the announcement of the project concretised the two exchange operators on Wednesday their aspirations to a merger on equal terms.

Now shareholders and supervisors must decide. The companies hope to close the deal late this year or no later than the first quarter of 2017 successfully.

Both sides referencing large growth opportunities and high potential for savings. The cost could – from the third year after completion of the deal – are forced each year to 450 million euros, which corresponds to about one fifth of the annual expenses of the corporations. Benefits were also showing for customers.

“This is the right step at the right time,” said German-Börse CEO Carsten Kengeter. LSE boss Xavier Rolet reiterated: “I support the merger to 100 percent.” The joint venture company will be a leader in many commercial fields such as options, stocks, bonds, currencies and energy. After revenues of the world’s largest exchange operator would arise with a total turnover of 4.7 billion euros. The two partners calculate with non-recurring costs of EUR 600 million. Details on possible job cuts are not fixed yet.

A possible withdrawal from the EU Britain ( “Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union”) is not intended to thwart the plans. “The combined company will be successful regardless of the outcome of the British referendum,” Kengeter said. On June 23, the British vote on whether the country continues remains a member of the European Union. Kengeter stressed even with a negative vote will not shaken the conditions for fusion. A “Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union” could, however, lead to a redistribution of the shops in the new group.

The new European super market is to have its registered office in London and headquarters in the British capital and in Frankfurt. A shift of transactions is not provided, said Rolet. The advantages would about the fact that the merged entity will use the respective best IT systems. The company declared to continue to pay their taxes in the founding countries.

In excerpts published in advance interview with the “Manager Magazin” (release date 18.3.) Kengeter warned of a failure of the merger. the German stock market Splicing not quickly, the company will “eventually be so weak that it will not act, but only react” could. Place the merger, would “the European capital market architecture may soon be in American hands,” Kengeter said.

The Foreign Banks in Germany welcomed the efforts: “As a supporter of a strong internal market in Europe, we have an interest in a strong European counterbalance competing for places in the US and in Asia,” said the chairman of their umbrella organization, the UBS manager Stefan Winter ,BDI President Ulrich Grillo sent word: “Just our SME and rapidly growing technology companies will benefit from the merger of the leading exchanges in Europe.”

Kengeter which leads the Dax Group German Exchange, since June 2015, lead the new joint venture. Rolet will retire if the deal succeeds. LSE-Executive Chairman Donald Brydon will take over this position in the merged company. As his deputy is the current chairman of the board of Deutsche Börse, Joachim Faber, provided.

The aim is that after the exchange of shares, keeping the shareholder of Deutsche Börse with 54.4 percent a majority stake in the merged exchange.The LSE shareholders will hold 45.6 percent of the capital of the British holding company “UK “.

The companies were confident that all relevant competition authorities and regulators to give the green light for the mega-merger. Deals, which areas could repel the exchanges, for competitive reasons, they initially did not.Analysts had recently feared too much market power as in the business of commercial transactions (clearing).

The two exchange operators had made public after market rumors on 23 February its plans. For the German market, it is the third attempt in matters LSE by 2000 and 2005. It is expected that the two US heavyweights ICE and CME will try to torpedo the merger with counter offers. The ICE had already announced, to examine its own offer for the LSE.

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