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US Presidential Elections 2016

Donald Trump Zoolander

Derek Zoolander is the most famous male model in the world. He has won three times in a row the “Male Model of the Year” award and hopes this year on the title, but has a major competitor: the newcomer Hansel. When Hansel is picked as a winner, has a fantastic Zoolander believing to have won again, on stage to accept the award. After this embarrassing incident he leaves humiliated and full of self-doubt the event.

In the audience of fashion guru Mugatu and Zoolanders Agent Ballstein have observed the events closely. Mugatu had recently been commissioned by a circle of the most powerful fashion designer, pick an assassin to murder the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Malaysia is poised to enact laws against child labor, which would mean for the fashion industry heavy losses. Convinced of Zoolanders simplicity, Mugatu believes to have found the right man.

The following day Zoolanders roommates and colleagues arrive at a self-inflicted gas station explosion killed. For him, this is the last character, and at the funeral he declared before the mourners and the press his retirement from the fashion industry. Zoolander decides the meaning of life to find and travels to his home to be like his father and his brothers to try as a miner. However Disillusioned by the hard work and the open hostility of his family, he returns shortly afterwards back to the big city.

Here he offers the fashion designer Mugatu in a comeback. Zoolander is to present latest in a fashion show Mugatus collection “Derelicte” in which the prime minister will be present as guest of honor. Means brainwashing succeeds Mugatu Zoolander to program so that it will commit the murder during the title Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the Times journalist Matilda Jeffries is using an anonymous caller to track Mugatus. Together with Zoolander meets Matilda in a cemetery the informant J. P. Prewitt, who reveals himself as a former hand model. As soon as he has both aware of the murder plot of designers, Prewitt is shot by the emerging minions Mugatus. Zoolander and Jeffries managed to escape.

Looking for a safe hiding both decide to seek Hansel. The surprised Hansel agrees to a reconciliation with Zoolander and offers his help. The next day, try the three in the remaining hours until “Derelicte” presentation to find evidence of the shutter button, the Zoolander is cause for murder. The company fails, as it Hansel and Zoolander fails to get at the data on ball Steins computer.

Without having achieved things both meet with the journalist on the fashion show again. As the DJ during Zoolanders appearance Relax hangs, has a fantastic Zoolander going to the Prime Minister. At the last second succeeds Hansel overwhelm the DJ and to pull the plug of the turntable.

Ballstein admits then the murder plot, whereupon Mugatu pulls a throwing star and tried to kill the prime minister personally. Zoolander can stop using its novel “Magnum”  the star and at the same time convince the audience of his model qualities.

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