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Donald Trump XFL

The XFL was designed to be complementary to the league all-powerful NFL during the off-season on the basis of what made ​​the success of the World Wrestling Federation at that time. The concept was presented as the “real American football”, says the slogan , and boasted that contain a minimum of rules in relation to the NFL , including no penalties for acts of aggressive game. Among the innovations, the league had installed cameras in the locker room and on the helmets of players, microphones on coaches  and much attention was paid to the cheerleaders , including some controversial sequences where they were shot from the shower .

Before the start of each meeting, instead of a random draw to determine the commitment, it was conducted a duel between players to catch the ball. The first to arrive after a 20 race there yards allowed his team to engage. Other minor rule changes were instituted, most taken from ancient alternative leagues. Each of the eight teams owned by the league and were not independent franchises like the teams NFL .

The creation of the XFL was announced February 3, 2000  and the first match (New York / New Jersey Hitmen vs. Las Vegas Outlaws) took place a year later to the day. The matches were broadcast live on Saturday night on NBC and Sunday on UPN and TNN. After excellent audience the first weekend (14 million viewers on NBC , more than twice what the chain expected), they collapsed in the second weekend, losing more than half of the public. These losses continued to widen to perform late in the season the worst audience in the history of NBC for a sporting event on the weekend (excluding replay) .

The media quickly unleashed against the league alleging poor quality games, the lack of experience of the players, the sensationalist side (including sequences of cheerleaders ) and suspicion of having to do with games fixing (never proven) of its affiliation with a wrestling federation. Due to very poor ratings, NBC withdrew from the adventure after the end of the first season and Vince McMahon had no choice but to throw in the sponge in turn May 10, 2001.

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