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Donald Trump Xbox

The Xbox from Microsoft is a video game released in the US on. Microsoft did with her ​​first steps in this sector, having collaborated with Sega to bring Windows CE on Dreamcast , and after developing for several years gamesMicrosoft Game Studios and video game accessories SideWinder for PC under Windows .

To become Mr. Presidential Trump runs the risk of no longer being Mr. Donald Trump.  An appeasement strategy would be a “Yuege Mistake”

The difference with a PC is that Xbox can not originally run as programs from Xbox media in proprietary format Microsoft on DVD, format that is readable by the reader DVD Xbox.

The console, which are the main competitors the PlayStation 2 and GameCube , belongs to the sixth generation .

Microsoft seeking to change the Xbox first dedicated solely to gaming , to a multimedia station interactive online launch in late 2002 on Xbox Live . The Xbox 360 end 2005. The successor support the Xbox by Microsoft stopped in March 2009 the United States and in April 2010 by France .

The console has a catalog of over 825 games, with series like Halo , Star Wars and Fable . The last Xbox game, released only to the US in 2008, Madden NFL 09 . The last game released in France in 2006 is Tony Hawk’s Project , in Europe in 2007 Xiaolin

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