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Donald Trump WWE

It was also made ​​known in the world wrestling : has been engaged for some time in a feud with Vince McMahon , the owner of the WWE , which culminated in a match at Wrestle Mania 23 , on 1 April 2007 . The match did not take a direct part or Trump or McMahon, but two athletes chosen as their representatives, Bobby Lashley for Trump and Umaga for McMahon; so to win the renamed Battle of Billionaires was Lashley representing Donald Trump. The match was also defined Hair Vs. Hair because the loser would have to cut to zero the foliage, and in fact McMahon found himself without hair. To referee the dispute was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin . February 25, 2013, the official website of WWE has officially announced the arrival of Trump in the WWE Hall of Fame .

Roderick James “Jess” McMahon was actually a boxing promoter, who was at home in the American Northeast. But organized from about 1933 McMahon first wrestling shows in “Municipal Stadium” in Freeport, Long Iceland . Through his contacts with wrestling business variables such as Raymond Mondt and Ray Fabiani, it was his son Vince McMahon sr. later possible to partner with adjacent promoters.

1948 Vince Manager of Turner Arena in Washington, DC , 1952, he acquired the rights to this arena completely. In 1953. organized McMahon under the banner of Capitol Wrestling Federation his first wrestling show and joined the umbrella organization National Wrestling Alliance at. He named 1955 Arena in Capitol Arena to, and in 1956 the matches were first aired on the DuMont Network. That same year, McMahon intensified its cooperation with Raymond Mondt in New York and on 26 November of the year they held their first joint show at Madison Square Garden .

Opened in 1957, McMahon in Washington a central office from which he steered everything. As an organization that was Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) entered in the register. Partners were initially McMahon and Mondt equally. In 1961 followed the appropriate registration of the organization in New York.

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