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Donald Trump Worth 2016

In November 2005, wrote New York Times -author Timothy O’Brien in his book The Art of Being The Donald , Trump was not a billionaire, but only multi-millionaire; he valued the assets at 150 to 250 million dollars.Trump contrast filed a lawsuit with a value of at least 2.5 billion US dollars for defamation ( “libel”), but lost in court.At the hearing it was announced that the German bank Trump also not having regarded as a billionaire, but estimated a fortune of 788 million dollars. The pointed Trump also back. 

In announcing his presidential candidacy in June 2015, Trump stated assets of more than 8 billion dollars.In mid-July 2015, it is prized his fortune even to over 10 billion US dollars. The difference is due to inadequate valuation of real estate in New York, San Francisco and Miami to decline.Independent calculations show, however, continue to lower sums: the financial magazine Forbes made ​​his fortune in June 2015, 4.1 billion US dollars,  the media company Bloomberg estimated there in July 2015 to 2.9 billion US dollars.

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