Donald Trump Vs Obama

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US Presidential Elections 2016

Donald Trump Vs Obama

Obama said Donald Trump would not be the next president of us Obama is current president of us 

Barack Hussein Obama II (born 4. august 1961 in Honolulu in Hawaii in the United States ) is an American politician and the United States 44th and current president . He is the first African-American president in US history .

He graduated in political science and international affairs from Columbia University . After university, he worked in a union to improve conditions in poor areas of Chicago plagued with crime and highunemployment . He received his legal degree from Harvard Law School , where he became the first African-American editor of the legal faculty journal Harvard Law Review . Subsequently he became a lawyer specializing in civil rights and taught constitutional lawat the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004 .

The third October 1992 he married Michelle Robinson , and together they have two daughters, Malia Ann Obama (born 4. July 1998 ) and Natasha ( “Sasha”) Obama (born 10. June 2001 ).

In 1996 was elected Obama to the Illinois Senate from the same areas in Chicago, where he previously worked to improve conditions. He got bipartisan support for the legislation, which at the time reformed ethics and respect for health personnel. He also supported a bill to increase tax credits for low-paid workers and increased subsidies for childcare.

He was re-elected subsequent to the Illinois State Senate in 1998 and 2002 . He became known in the wider public, since he knows the Democratic National Convention in 2004 gave the keynote speech that motivated John Kerry’s nomination as the party’s presidential candidate.  The same year, the elections to the federal Senate in November 2004 in Illinois, Obama won a landslide victory over his Republican opponent Alan Keyes . Obama was then a number of years America’s only sitting African-American senator – and only the fifth in history. 

The 10th February 2007 in Springfield , Illinois, Obama announced that he ran as the Democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential elections . After a close race and a primary election in 2008 against Hillary Clinton , Obama won the party’s nomination. He subsequently won the presidential election by defeating the Republican candidate John McCain , and Obama inserted as President of the 20th January 2009 . Nine months later he received the Nobel Peace Prize . In April 2011 announced Obama to seek re-election to the presidential election in 2012 , and the sixth November 2012 , he won the Republican candidate Mitt Romney .

As president, Obama signed economic stimulus ‘ legislation in the form of the US “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” (recovery and reinvestment) and “Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Re authorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010” (tax cuts, unemployment and job creation) in response to the financial – and economic crisis . Other major domestic policy initiatives include the introduction of health reform in the US . In foreign policy, joined Obama the US military involvement in the Iraq war , increase military forces in Afghanistan , signed with Russia “START” – Treaty on arms control, ordered the US military involvement in Libya and ordered the military operation in Pakistan that resulted in Osama bin Laden death. In May 2012 Obama was the first US president who publicly announced that he supports gay marriages.

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