Donald Trump Vs Hitler

Donald Trump Vs Hitler. Here we have Donald Trump Vs Hitler for you on US Presidential Election 2016. We have the latest updates about Donald Trump Vs Hitler. See more updates about Donald Trump on this US Elections. You can find more Information about US Presidential Election 2016 here

US Presidential Elections 2016

Donald Trump Vs Hitler

Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have same ideology who is Hitler? explained below 

Adolf Hitler ( 20. april 1889 in Braunau am Inn , Austria-Hungary – 30. april 1945 in Berlin , Germany ) was a German politician , later dictator and one of the second World War most central people.

He was Austrian by birth but moved to Germany in 1913 and became a German citizen in 1932 , where he, after participating in the first World , actively engaged in politics for Deutsche Arbeiterpartei , which later became the National Socialist German Workers Party ( NSDAP ). From 1921 he was “leading (Fuhrer)” for the party, and from 1933 he was chancellor of the Weimar Republic , and from the 1934 “Führer and Reich Chancellor” and hence at one time head of government and head of state of Nazi Germany as the Nazis called ” the third Reich “.

Using propaganda and charismatic speech he appealed especially to workers and the middle class sense of powerlessness in an economically difficult period, and addressed simultaneously to the great nationalist, anti-Semitic and anti-Communist movements and currents. Thus he managed to bring his party forward to power in 1933, after which he could insert himself as chancellor and later leads, thus introducing the Nazi dictatorship . During Hitler’s 12-year leadership Germany was transformed into a German kingdom, completely subject to national socialist ideology, which demanded complete power over the individual and the policies pursued after a tough race learn . Hitler and his party banned all opposition groups persecuted political opponents, as well as religious and ethnic minorities.

The Nazi dictatorship meant the elimination of trade unions , wage freeze, the introduction of censorship , systematic persecution and murder of Jews , Jehovah’s Witnesses , gypsies , communists , homosexuals and atheists , and physically and mentally disabled.Exterminations lasted until Nazi Germany’s final defeat to the Soviet , British and American forces in 1945, when Hitler committed suicide in the bunker in Berlin.

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