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Donald Trump USFL

The United States Football League ( USFL ) was a professional league of American football , which in the course of three seasons, from 1983 to 1985 , tried to counter the dominance of the NFL , playing their season in the spring and summer and then hiring some of the best talents of college football. Due to financial problems, he went out of business before the start of the fourth season, after a famous trial brought to the NFL.

On 11 May 1982 , David Dixon, a merchant of Art New Orleans announced the creation of a new league of American football that could counter the monopoly of the NFL. To avoid direct confrontation with the powerful NFL, however, Dixon thought to play in the season of his league in the spring and summer, when the NFL was not playing, and sought new markets in town that did not have a professional team.March 6, 1983 , therefore, began the first season of the USFL, with 12 teams, Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Birmingham , Oakland, Los Angeles, Denver and Phoenix. Thanks to good contracts closed with two large national networks ABC and ESPN , teams of the USFL failed to convince many talents to sign generous contracts. Over all, Herschel Walker ,running back of exceptional talent, best player of the university that year, that he agreed with the New Jersey Generals , and Anthony Carter , great receiver, who signed with Michigan Panthers . Just Carter made ​​the touchdown that decided the first final, played inDenver on June 17, he saw Michigan overcome Philadelphia 24-22. The excellent public reception at the stadium (almost 24,000 average viewers per game) and in front of television brought about the expansion from 12 to 18 teams for the second season, in 1984 . Houston, Memphis, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Jacksonville were the 6 new markets reached by the USFL, while other important players signed with the summer league: Mike Rozier , player of the year in universities, Reggie White , phenomenal defender, who would He became “the defense minister” in his years in the NFL, Jim Kelly , a great quarterback , and especially Steve Young , who rejected the NFL to sign a contract worth over 40 million dollars with the Los Angeles Express , giving a huge media exposure to the whole league, like the arrival of Donald Trump as owner of the New Jersey Generals. On the field, the Philadelphia Stars defeated the Arizona Wranglers 23-3, winning the championship. Before the season 1985 , the USFL made ​​the decision that would mark its end, announcing the intention of playing the season 1986 in the fall, in direct competition with the NFL, against which was also filed a lawsuit antitrust . The announcement led to many transfers of teams that already had a NFL franchise in their city, first the defending champions, that they moved from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Pittsburgh and Chicago, given the competition of the Steelers and Bears, they decided to close the business, Michigan and Oakland were fused together, and so is Oklahoma and Arizona. Despite the arrival of another star of universities, Doug Flutie , the 1985 season was the least successful of the story. On the field, Baltimore topped Oakland 28-24. Many teams closed the season in red, and the league turned their hopes to the trial judgment against the NFL. In July 1986, about a month before the start of the new season, the USFL won the case, but received damages the sum of one dollar (tripled for antitrust law). With $ 160 million of debt, the USFL declared its bankruptcy.

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