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US Presidential Elections 2016

Donald Trump Debate

In 2000 , the mass media Americans hypothesized a possible bid for Trump to the US presidency for the Reform Party (which in the previous election had nominated the billionaire Texan Ross Perot , former independent candidate in 1992 ) to the 2000 presidential Instead, the party’s nomination went to Pat Buchanan (in the running with Ezola B. Foster as his deputy).

In the episode of 17 September 2008 of Larry King Live , Trump has officially given its support to Senator Republican John McCain during the 2008 presidential elections .

On October 4 , 2010 Trump declared to American Morning (telecast morning success of CNN ) that he was seriously considering the opportunity to apply for the White House in 2012  for the Republicans.

February 10, 2011 Trump gave a speech at CPAC  in which he expressed his political positions  and has been mainly stated as:

  • Opposed to any measure of raising the tax burden
  • Instead of the control arms (and therefore favorable to the thesis propagated by the NRA )
  • Contrary to international aid
  • Contrary to ‘ Obamacare (and therefore in favor of its abolition and, therefore, its replacement by a new law)
  • Conducive to support the idea that Communist China should be treated by the United States as an enemy and therefore subject to heavy import duties 

May 16, 2011 Donald Trump announced he would not candidate for the Republican nomination in the American elections of 2012. The billionaire said he “was not ready to leave the private sector”, while it seems that the decision was taken following a resounding flop in the polls: 71 out of 100 Americans would have called Trump “inadequate as president.”  in early February 2012 Trump has stated its support for the ultra-conservative candidate Newt Gingrich against Mitt Romney in the republican primaries. 

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