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Donald Trump Dad

Frederick Christian “Fred” Trump Jr. was born in  11. October 1905 in Wood haven, Queens , New York City ;  25. June 1999 in New York City. he was an American contractor and the father of the entrepreneur and Republican US presidential candidates for 2016 Donald Trump . With the construction of hundreds of tenements in Brooklyn , Queens and Staten Iceland Fred Trump became a multi millionaire .

His father left a fortune in 1918 of $ 30,000. Based on this began Fred Trump 1920 – at the age of fifteen years – to conduct business; he went in 1927 to the developers a -Business the father and led with his mother’s heritage continues; their joint company called Elizabeth Trump & Son . The cooperation with his younger brother John , who designed an architect some buildings, he soon again because Fred insisted to resell some of the houses prior to completion, in order to invest on quickly ,

During World War II he built barracks and basement flats for the United States Navy along the east coast of the United States .

Mid-1960s, he founded the roof of his enterprises, the company Trump Management and remained until his death the President. Overall, he was responsible for the construction of 27,000 apartments responsible and townhouses. Acquaintances and relatives draw the image of a solid, disciplined and strict patriarch full of ambition who left a fortune of about 250 to 300 million dollars.

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