Donald Trump Campaign

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US Presidential Elections 2016

Donald Trump Campaign

Donald Trump Campaign is to “Make America great again”  

Trump settled in 1987 as a supporter of the Republican register, in 1999 moved to the Independence Party (an offshoot of Ross Perot’s Reform Party ), 2001 to the Democrats and again in 2009 the Republicans; his political donations he distributed to 2012 almost balanced on the two major competing parties. He also donated the Clinton Foundation $ 100,000 and chatted long good relations with Hillary Clinton . 

After Trump 1988, 2000 (for the Reform Party ) and 2004 nomination as US President and 2006 and 2014 as governor of New York had considered  He played in particular before the 2012 presidential election publicly with the idea of standing as a candidate to leave until he canceled in May 2011th  he President, some weeks before Obama invited to publish his birth certificate, and thus put himself at the head of the conspiracy theories birther movement that questioned Obama’s legitimacy as president (see Barack Obama )

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