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Donald Trump Bio

Trump began his career in his father’s company, Elizabeth Trump and Son, which focused in renting homes in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. One of the first projects of Trump, when he was still in college, was the revival of Swifton Village complex in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his father had invested 5.7 million dollars in 1962. Trump became directly involved in the project and $ 500,000 investment within two years he was able to clear the vacancy rate of 1,200 apartments, which initially stood at 66%. In 1972, the Trump Organization sold Swifton Village for 6.75 million dollars.

In 1971 Trump moved to Manhattan and became involved in a major construction project that used the architectural design to win public recognition. He bought and valorized Old Penn Central for $ 60 million with no financial commitment. Later, with the help of 40-year tax deduction from the tax authorities of New York, he turned the bankrupt Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hyatt and created the Trump Organization.

Since 2006, Trump is the most important testimonial of the multinational telecommunications and energy ACN, Inc. . According to Forbes(2015) and its list of the richest men in the world , he is at position 405 with an estimated wealth for $ 4.1 billion. In an episode of Letterman Show in March 2013 stated that its assets of $ 9 billion. Also according to the Washington Post , its assets of $ 9 billion in 2015. 

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