Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

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US Presidential Elections 2016

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders especially critical for its links with major financial of Wall Street , which the majority support, and other more specific points, such as its late commitment – and therefore deemed opportunistic – against the pipeline Keystone XL , and for Path to Citizenship for illegal immigrant workers in the United States. In the Democratic primary, he leads including campaign on economic issues (restoration of Glass-Steagall , wealth sharing)  for the decriminalization of cannabis, or in defense of the environment. The position of Hillary Clinton is particularly fragile in the economic field, where the support for Wall Street and the few regulatory ambitions against him; this criticism is echoed by calling 170 leading economists, including James K. Galbraith , to justify their support for Bernie Sanders . In return, Hillary Clinton criticized the reform of the American social security of his opponent, which would extend to all Americans. Bernie Sanders is inspired by the French model to demonstrate the optimality of the public system to a private system face.

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