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US Presidential Elections 2016

Donald Trump Bernie Sanders

Bernard Sanders , said Bernie ( New York , 8 September 1941 ), is a political American , Senator for the State of Vermont and former member of the House of Representatives .

It is a member independent affiliated to the Democratic Party and qualifies as a democratic socialist . By fifties , or by the time of the persecution of anti-communist and anti-socialist of McCarthyism , he was the only member of Congress to call himself explicitly “socialist ” and not generally progressive or liberal .

He graduated in political science at the ‘ University of Chicago , in his youth was an activist of the movement for civil rights ; before embarking on political activity, he worked as a carpenter and as a director . Now mayor of Burlington and later co-founded the Congressional Progressive Caucus , Sanders is a proponent of the Nordic model and a supporter of the positions of economist post-Keynesian Warren Mosler , one of the principal authors of the ” modern monetary theory ”  . In his political career he has also promoted actions to support the rights of homosexuals , ethnic minorities and the unemployed; He opposed the war in Iraq and is opposed to the death penalty .

It is one of the candidates in the primaries of the Democratic Party in anticipation of the presidential elections of 2016 .

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