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Donald Trump Anime. Here we have Donald Trump Anime for you on US Presidential Election 2016. We have the latest updates about Donald Trump Anime. See more updates about Donald Trump on this US Elections. You can find more Information about US Presidential Election 2016 here

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Donald Trump Anime

According the twitter of GOP Consultant Rick Wilson on this Tuesday to Donald Trump  “single men who masturbate to anime.”

@NolteNC one of your self-identified readers sent a lovely email about raping my daughter congrats

what, @noltenc? No witty rejoinder for your readers making rape threats on my daughter? i’ll take your silence as assent to their views

i seriously sould not give less of fuck what you say about me, or how you try to go after my clients, but the fact that you stoked 

your readers to the point where they threaten my children would make people with a moral center pause and reflect

i”m done talking about that part. i want to say something now that will probably be mocked and ridiculed by @nolteNc, but i though about

this for a while. he is not responsible for the troll that did this, and neither is breitbart. shitty people abound, and trolls come.. 

In the course of today, and in response to an vile tweet from @AnnCoulter, I failed to maintain the standards I set for myself.

I tweeted a reply based on parental anger, and with vitriol that made the already ugly divisions on Twitter uglier. I reduced myself to

I’m more sorry for the people this impacted in my family, and my circle of friends.

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