What is the Difference Between Democracy and Republic

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US Presidential Elections 2016

What is the Difference Between Democracy and Republic

Democratic Party

The 2012 re-elected 44th President of the United States Barack Obama from the Democratic Party , after two terms because of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States not compete again 2016th Vice President Joe Biden , who had sought a presidential bid in 2008, has ruled out re-shows only after a long delay in October, 2015. The former Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton , who on Obama in the primaries for the 2008 presidential election had failed, has her candidacy officially declared in April, 2015.Hillary Clinton was – as the wife of Bill Clinton (US President 1993-2001) – eight years First Lady of the United States. The end of 2014, Obama said Hillary Clinton would be a great president.  On April 29, 2015, the Senator gave Bernie Sanders his candidacy. Sanders was at the time no party, but belonged before announcing his candidacy already on the Democrats in the Senate. In November 2015 he joined the Democratic Party in.  He describes himself as a democratic socialist and represents, unlike Clinton left positions. Martin O’Malley (2007-2015 Governor of Maryland), Lincoln Chafee (ex-governor and ex -Senator of Rhode Iceland) and former Senator Jim Webb who also announced her candidacy, but never got beyond low single percentages in the polls;  Soon after the first televised debate of the democratic presidential candidates to Webb and Chafee attracted in October 2015 the race back. Former Governor Martin O’Malley has also retracted after the first code (in Iowa) his candidacy after he had not been there to receive 1% of the vote.

announced candidacy

  • Hillary Clinton , former US Secretary of State , Senator from New York and First Lady (as the wife of Bill Clinton ) Bernie Sanders , Senator from Vermont , who was a member of the House of Representatives and mayor of Burlington 

Republicans party

The Republicans were three US senators who declared their candidacy in the first half of 2015, have a good chance the Texans Ted Cruz , the Senator from Kentucky Rand Pauland the Senator from Florida Marco Rubio . All three candidates are the tea party movement close. While Cruz among evangelicals has support and Paul with the libertarians, Rubio has the support of neocons . Of them in mid-March is only Ted Cruz in the race.

Mitt Romney , the US presidential election of 2012, closed long time another bid not,   but the start of 2015 he announced to want to apply to the Office does not again. [17]As Romney also included John McCain , who in 2008 had lost the election, re-shows from. McCain spoke in November 2014 Jeb Bush , Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are potential good candidate. 

By the fall of 2015, the Republican primary campaign was marked especially by a sentiment against the so-called “party establishment”. Many Republican supporters see this as too aloof and accuse him of a clientele policy to follow, rather than to be guided by the interests of the population. Former favorites to the top candidate of the party like Jeb Bushor Chris Christie suffered significant losses in numerous opinion polls.

Since the end of July 2015 dominated in almost all national and state surveys of known real estate entrepreneur and billionaire Donald Trump the candidate field. Trump had mainly by controversial statements about illegal immigration taken care of and its partly harsh attacks against intraparty competitors for quite a stir. His strong polarizing effect led to an enormous (and international) media presence. Not least, Trump takes off from the rest of applicants by the fact that he financed his election campaign almost entirely from its own resources. In this context, he accused his rivals like Jeb Bush, to be a “puppet” of his financial backers. In addition to Bush, the senators found Ted Cruz and Marco Rubioin the polls encouragement. By October 2015, it is ranked here constantly behind Trump and was able to achieve slight projections in individual states.Especially Trump’s dominance in the election campaign was held after the announcement of his candidacy from both media and senior Republicans hardly possible. Meanwhile hold a number of political observers nominated Trumps for very possible. Trump speaking people with different values ​​and from all social classes, because he, “speak their language” and as an “anti-politician” the unpopular political establishment attacking , It positions itself – similar to the end of the 1960s, Richard Nixon – as a candidate of a “silent majority” ( silent majority ). 

In the states in which from the beginning of February 2016 ballots were held on the Republican nomination, Donald Trump prevailed mainly, with the mid-March only two candidates, the Texas Senator Ted Cruz and the Governor of Ohio John Kasich compete. Cruz to win next to all delegates in his home state of a number of more conservative embossed states while Kasich on March 15 won all delegates Ohio succeeded. Despite the significant leadership Trumps it is therefore possible that it until the nominating convention no absolute majority of the delegates reached and thus the candidate only in the course of this meeting ( “brokered convention”) is found.Within the conservative political camp there are considerations , in the case of a victory of the outsider Donald Trump establish a non-partisan third candidate for the general election in November. 

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