Clinton and Trump clear winner of the recent US primaries

Clinton and Trump clear winner of the recent US primaries. Here we have Clinton and Trump clear winner of the recent US primaries for you on US Presidential Election 2016. We have the latest updates about Clinton and Trump clear winner of the recent US primaries. See more updates about Donald Trump on this US Elections. You can find more Information about US Presidential Election 2016 here

US Presidential Elections 2016

Clinton and Trump clear winner of the recent US primaries

Washington – Strong victories in key states: After a second “Super Tuesday” in the United States Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump marching with big steps towards presidential candidacy.

Clinton took in the Democratic primary likely all five states, Trump among Republicans probably four out of five.

The only chance the Republicans, the highly controversial career changers Trump to stop yet, is in a crucial vote at the party convention in Cleveland.Possibly brings Trump until the last vote in California on June 7, not the required number of 1237 delegates. He takes it all next primaries with 54 percent of the delegates to win. This is difficult, but possible. If not, his party could make him the nomination contest.

Given the victory of billionaire broadly these tactics of the Republicans would be dangerous. Trump told CNN: “I represent millions of people.” One can not disenfranchise them and say it was not enough for a few hundred votes. “I think it will be riots,” Trump said.

Trump won Florida, Illinois and North Carolina. Ohio, he lost at the Governor John Kasich. Previously Trump also won the US State territory Marianas.

In Missouri stood out on Wednesday morning concise victory from Trump and Clinton. The results were, according to the state but as provisional. The count is the narrowest of margins, it comes to a few tenths of percentage points.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (44) immediately drew the consequences of defeat in his home state. He ended his campaign. Rubio retains its delegates to the party congress. You could be there available ground for other candidates in a vote.

With Rubios exit is wrestling with the Republicans to a duel between Trump and Cruz, where Trump is a big favorite. Kasich is considered a chance. He takes 88 percent of all outstanding delegates to win, Cruz 69. Both nevertheless occurred at night as winners on.

The Democrats Clinton drove very important victories in Florida and Ohio, a, also in North Carolina and Illinois – a bitter evening for competitor Bernie Sanders, who had expected more after his recent success in the industry similar embossed Michigan. Sanders went out but still confident of victory for the other races. It was on the right track, he said.

Clinton increased the distance from their tenacious competitors. She said: “We come to the nomination of the Democratic Party closer – and the victory in the election in November.” Ernst she added: “This is possibly one of the most momentous election campaigns of our lives.” Clinton must win 2383 delegates themselves.

At Trumps address Clinton said: “Our commander in chief must be able to defend our country and not to lower it He should take our allies to us and not to offend..”

Trump told followers that he get more and more support of leading Republicans. However, make many conservatives for weeks massive mood against the 69-year-olds. They want to prevent him as a candidate.

Given the recent success of the entrepreneur in very different states on Tuesday, the anti-Trump campaign has not caught. Million heavy support, this campaign had very set to Rubio.

Trump tweeted at night: “I’d like to congratulate Rubio an excellent campaign, but I can not, because she was not there, he has lost..”

Trumps rival Cruz said despite its modest results: “That was a good night, we collect more delegates on the way to victory..” Hastily recruited Cruz to the followers of stepped out Rubio, which he now designated as a friend and colleague.

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