The Anger the Fear and the Good Old New Oil

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US Presidential Elections 2016

The Anger the Fear and the Good Old New Oil

For years, art enthusiasts have raved on the Digital Conference “SXSW Interactive” of the future. Not this year. This year in which for the first time an American president opened the former counterculture conference with Barack Obama, was the embarrassing question at the heart of whether the industry heading in the wrong direction.

The Silicon Valley is only interested in problems to earn their money solution

The first big speech was the 30-year-old African American Casey Gerald, co-founder and head of business network “MBAs across America”, which some consider to be one of the brightest young minds in the industry. His “gospel of doubt” came down to the question of how it could actually be that the Silicon Valley can lay fiber optic cables, but no water pipes. In the industrial city of Flint, Michigan, the residents had to drink half years lead-contaminated water.The authorities looked the other way. The Silicon Valley, says Gerald, to dedicate only the problems with their solutions fast money is.

The author Douglas Rushkoff led this criticism later even further: The Silicon Valley was based on an “operating system”, which was in a growth trap.Rushkoff said the advertising lingo of Silicon Valley, his arguments dismantled its self-image, however. Instead of actually bringing about a “disruption” ( “disruption” is the favorite word of start-up founders), it promotes most inequality.

Have industrialization dismantled the production process into small parts, this will now be atomized downright through the start-up culture. Workers are isolated and invisible and would misused by corporations as a research department. “A Uber-driver provides data on the demand in the city that Uber can use great for self-propelled cars in the future,” says Rushkoff. Start-ups that will be worth billions of dollars, promoted gentrification by luring employees with ever higher wages and so rents could rise permanently. That Googlers buses are pelted in the Greater San Francisco with rocks, Rushkoff will indeed terrible, but also significant.

Ted Ullyot of the investment firm Andreessen Horowitz said, “We techies were all so excited about Obama Today I look Trump and Bernie Sanders and think:. From hope and change is fear and nostalgia . Become” The Republicans Ullyot can understand the anger of Trump fans: “innovation and disruption are also fearsome in Silicon Valley that all find super, but it is not nice when your life is unhinged..”

But not only in distant California, also in Austin even the problems have arrived: Once attracted 30 protesters to the convention center. “Get out of Austin, you Yuppie Scum,” one cried, as filmed him a SXSW guest. “Tech Greed = Community Disruption” is written on the poster, which holds Aureliano Buendia. The greed of young tech companies pastimes blacks and Latinos like him, says the 32-year-old.

Since Texas Instruments in 1969 was founded in Austin, thriving high-tech scene: Michael Dell started his company in his dorm. Today the earningof 120 000 programmers and software developers in the city so much money that the average rent in 1190 is dollars. Every year, 50,000 people to Austin. And symbolizing the growth is not only the new high-rise buildings with luxury apartments, but also SXSW itself. “Last year was a landlord flattening the store a Latino family overnight because he wanted to organize on the premises an event for SXSW” laments activist Buendia.

“The privacy will be a big issue in the coming years.”

Without mistaken optimistic Zukunfsvisionen was not the conference, and of course this year the stage: According Hyperloop founder Dirk Ahlborn about long-distance romance will soon no longer be a problem if trains with 1200 km / h nozzle by vacuum tubes from coast to coast. Kevin Plank of Under Armour exclaimed: “It’s incredible that no one knows how many times he was sick in the past year.” Plank wants to make his sporting goods company to a global lifestyle brand – thanks to the data ( “the new oil”) of 160 million customers. Soon no one would be cold because it Under Armour remind yourself vollzupumpen time with Vitamin C. And Kevin Kelly, founder of the magazine Wired prophesied that the virtual reality glasses are really soon conquer the market.

The most heated debate spoke to a guest from Hollywood: “The privacy is in the coming years a major issue to be,” said Sam Esmail, Director of the hacker’s “Mr. Robot”, referring to the dispute between the FBI and the computer company Apple. The FBI wants access to an iPhone, which belonged to one of San Bernardino terror bombers. Apple refuses so far to help.

The SXSW audience was convinced that in the future all communication is encrypted – and would be protected from a massive fishing out. “I am very optimistic,” Moxie Marlinspike said, whose algorithms were taken from the instant messaging service Whatsapp and thus the news of one billion people already secure. Stewart Baker contrast calls such arguments “bullshit”. The former chief lawyer of the NSA was one of two people who have criticized Apple’s position here. The other was Barack Obama. The President advised the industry to find a compromise with the government. Encryption in the style of a “black box” it deems to “absolutist”.

When overtired conference visitors all wanted to go home, the price rose by the way for a ride to the airport to Uber fivefold.

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